FINDSHOLARSHIP, is a free, all-in-one online education resource portal for Africa. It aims to provide students and scholars in Africa a platform for accessing opportunities for personal and professional development.

WHAT ARE WE INTO? The goal is to provide the missing link in educational achievement by connecting Africans to opportunities worldwide. Over the few years, we hope to make it the number one source of education resources for Africa and the developing world.

The dream was born out of a passionate desire to empower Africans through education by making it possible for every interested African to find all he/she wants in a single website that is FREE and CREDIBLE for SCHOLARSHIP. The motivation comes from a firm belief that education has a significant role to play in ensuring a better life for people.

It is still evolving and we are happy to partner any individual or organization who shares our Arm.

WHAT ARE WE INTO? At FINDSHOLARSHIP, we do not award Degrees onlinescholarshipsfellowshipsgrants, or organize essay competitions, except where it is explicitly stated. The site is solely for information purposes and we expect you to use your discretion to decide how to use the information provided herein.

FINDSHOLARSHIP does not accept responsibility for any wrong use of the information provided herein or any loss resulting from such. It is always safe to ask for help when in doubt and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. So feel free to contact us.

We are also happy to collaborate with you. Get in touch!